PrepareThe Bride Mission Statement
by Missionary Pastor Evang.Chidinma Eziyi  

It is God's vision & our mission to embrace and reveal the mind of God towards all mankind and his intention for all people.  God is light and in him there is no darkness or confusions.  God is love to all people and his grace limits to no color.  God's plans for his creations from the beginning are the same as now.  He loves and gives love to anyone who lacks it.  1John 1 VS 1: 6

His expectations is that we become one with him also with others and the only way to do this is to see him in others and express him among ourselves. 

Prepare the Bride mission is the platform to build, establish and grow our God's gifts, in thecoming future  in expression of his undying love.

We wish you all discover and recover his special love & thoughts for you.

Vision Bearer
Missionary Pastor Evang.Chidinma Eziy had a tremendous encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in 1990 through a dark battle that nearly took her life.  There were very low  expectations she will survive but through the mighty hand of God she had the victory from the Lord Jesus Christ who performed what the doctors would only call a miracle as no medical science could describe or explain such encounter and recovery

The testimony has become her faith to walk side by side with the Lord Jesus Christ  and prepare the bride minister's  organization with the primary goal  to serve humanity and allow a platform of service to build skills, talents, the spiritual life, and the mental realm of God's people.

We are many servants and laborers of the Lord, called in this apostolic ministey to fufill this great calling of service to him.

Ms. Eziyi  is married to her beloved husband Mr Samuel Eziyi and the marriage is blessed with four children.

We believe the vision  will produce people that will drive it  from God's spirit to the world.  You are welcome to this banquet feast as everything is prepared and the bride of Christ will stand prepared to meet with God at the end of life journey